International Awareness and Involvement


Goals for 2016-2017:

  • To educate the local community on the global issues of food insecurity, hunger, HIV/AIDs, and human trafficking and how these global issues are inter-related.
  • To encourage awareness of how these global issues impact both developed and developing nations.
  • To develop and implement programs that educate and stem/reduce hunger, HIV/AIDS, and human trafficking in the local community.


World AIDS Day:

The National Initiative World AIDS Day encourages the sponsorship of AIDS awareness workshops in collaboration with local AIDS organizations.  International Awareness and Involvement does just this by participating in the following activities;

Jerusalem House provides permanent housing to families affected by HIV/AIDS.  Housing is healthcare.  International Awareness and Involvement is partnering with Jerusalem House to raise funds to improve the health and outcomes of its HIV/AIDS families.

World Food Day  October 16, 2016  is earmarked as the day to bring awareness to the global problems of food supply and distribution.  International Awareness and Involvement shares educational information on food insecurity and hunger in developing regions of the world, hoping to raise the level of consciousness in the local community regarding this disparity in developing nations.

AIDS Walk & 5K Run  October 16, 2016 is an annual event that raises awareness about AIDS.  International Awareness and Involvement’s fundraising involvement in this event helps Jerusalem House to directly raise much needed monies used to provide permanent housing for its service group.

World AIDS Day  December 1, 2016 is the global day earmarked to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV.  International Awareness and Involvement works in conjunction with Morehouse College to provide educational support to students in the Atlanta University Center, encouraging them to practice safe sex in order to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS cases.

Healthy for the Holidays  focuses on the rise of HIV/AIDS within the senior community.  This collaborative effort between International Awareness & Involvement and Physical & Mental Health provides a non-threatening environment where seniors learn about safe sex, risky sexual behavior, HIV/AIDS, and STDS.  Seniors also learn how to cope with depression, navigate healthier eating, and engage in exercise during the holiday season.

Human Trafficking preys on the desperate and vulnerable, exploiting women, men and children for the purposes of forced labor and sex.  International Awareness and Involvement, along with Political Action and Involvement, is working with youthSpark to bring attention to the impact of this form of modern day slavery and encourage legislative action against this inhumane practice.


The National Initiative Adopt-a-Child/Sponsor-a-Child encourages partnering with World Vision to provide nourishment and education to impoverished/orphaned children in developing nations.  International Awareness and Involvement does this in the following way;

Sponsor-a-Child International Awareness and Involvement is partnering with World Vision, sponsoring a young girl named Emanuela in Haiti.