Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing programs and activities designed to promote economic awareness in our service area.  Our committee works to create annual program goals based upon a needs assessment of the community.  ASAC’s Economic Development committee is honored to have received the following awards in recent years:

  • Distinguished Service Award in Economic Development
  • Program Planning and Development Award
  • Social Action Award

We are proud to work towards these goals:

  1. Continue to develop our signature program, Code R.E.D. (Revitalizing Economic Development)
  2. Create job fair opportunities for the underserved citizens in our service areas
  3. Collaborate within ASAC to generate valued and useful programs for the community
  4. Team up with the City of Atlanta Parks and Recreations Department to bring awareness of fraud to seniors and Delta Dears
  5. Continue to help educate Delta Gems, Academy and EMBODI participants, along with children in our service area about good money management skills
  6. Provide our PEACE parents with concrete money tips for their children and families

In addition, we also look forward to assessing the economic issues affecting our service area to offer programs that will encourage financial education and economic empowerment.

Terri Crook, Chair

Nikki Ellis, Co-Chair