Our Programmatic Thrust

Since 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and our more than 900 chapters around the world have focused our talents and our resources on improving and strengthening the communities we live in and those we serve. Our founders were women of vision, so our mission is still alive and well today. We have institutionalized our programs through a variety of programs and initiatives but we remain dedicated to our core Program Thrust. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has long been dedicated to a holistic approach to community service by focusing on several key areas.

Those four key areas are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Educational Development
  3. International Awareness and Involvement
  4. Physical and Mental Health

Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter has been proudly addressing the mission of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, since 1993 in the City of Atlanta, Clayton, and Fayette counties.

It is no wonder that economic development is a key component of our public service program thrust. Since our first national president and one of our 22 founders Sadie T. M. Alexander was also this country’s first woman to earn a Ph.D in economics. Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter continues to create innovative economic programs designed to educate and inform our communities about financial management and personal finance in the spirit of the foresight and vision of Sadie T.M. Alexander. The Chapter does this through a series of events and programs throughout the year.