Awards & Recognition


Congratulations Donna Bowman!  Soror Bowman was awarded the Dr. Yvonne Kennedy Keeper of the Flame Social Action Award.

Congratulations to the following Sorors for their appointments by the Southern Region for the 2011-2014 Triennium:

Jackie Williams, Chair Rituals and Ceremonies

Lakisha Platenburg, Technology, Information and Communications Committee

Donna Bowman, Regional Social Action Coordinator (Chair, Regional Social Action Committee)

We are proud to announce our chapter awards:

Delta Foundation Award Recipient

Educational Foundation Award

2010 National Social Action and Membership Award

2010 Regional Physical and Mental Health Award

2009 Regional Political Awareness and Involvement Award

2010 – National Membership Services Award (2nd Place)

2011 – National Membership Services Best Practice Award (Medium Size Chapter)

2013 – Honorable Mention for Outstanding International Day of Service Program (Physical and Mental Health)

2013 – Centennial Membership Award (51st National Convention)