The Financial Secretary will be available one (1) hour prior to the start of the meeting for any soror who seeks to join Atlanta Suburban. She can provide important fiscal information specific to our chapter and the National organization. You can also mail your membership dues to our chapter P.O. Box 110218, Atlanta, Georgia 30311. For dues related inquiries, please contact our Treasurer at For additional questions and information, please contact the Chair, Membership Committee at

RECLAMATION: Calling All Sorors!

We welcome you to get involved by joining us at our meetings, services projects or Sisterhood activities.  The Executive Board is relentless in its efforts to make Atlanta Suburban’s programs and events successful and impactful.  This effort is much easier with your participation and support.  Please view our chapter calendar for information about our upcoming meetings and/or events.  For additional information, please contact our Reclamation Sub-committee Chair at

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