Be A Sweetheart


Food security is the measure of the ability to provide enough food for every person in the household to have an active, healthy life. Forty-one million people in the United States are food insecure. Each year, an estimated 755,400 (or 1 in 7) people in metro Atlanta and north Georgia turn to Food Bank partner agencies for food.

As the need has continued to grow, the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) has been able to respond, thanks to an involved and caring community. The ACFB distributed a total of 69.3 million pounds of food and grocery products in Fiscal Year 2016-17, enough for nearly 56.4 million meals.

95 cents of every dollar donated to the ACFB (including the value of all donated food) goes directly to services in the community to help fight hunger..

Join us in the fight against hunger by supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Be a Sweetheart and Share the Love. Please make your donation today at

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